Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Profound images capture expressing death
Onwards, floating upwards souls progress
Hours contain unrest, time sputters into oblivion,
Bodies once alive, whole—resting for an eternity
While we falter against time, taking flight.
Emotions catching fire in the night
Our devotions arise into hopeful futures.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Will the Willful

Will the willful stand high;
Of steadfast courage
Strength & compassion
Heal the sorrow
Upon this delicate time.
You are not alone
For upon this journey
The love of you family
Holds dear to your heart.
While seasons change,
Sun-rays become light, such darkness
That is felt will lift away
Through spirits of health.
For such beauty that is everlasting
Thus remember times of joy,
For all your grief and pain
And the bellows of the
Stormy nights will
Vanish away,
Leaving the light of
Compassion to fill you’re
Life and those that are close
Will never let you go.

Nicholas Lewis

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Charge of Electricity

Charge of Electricity sprints upon me
Springs upon you, so attractions occur,
Inspires, transpires our minds
With present—loving energies,
Within, around, and surrounding
Which ever way we choose to go.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Lamppost seen in night
Alone out in the cold hours,
Indeed casts halo of golden light
Aware of wild thickets near by
All around—blessed golden light
Strangles; lonely cries echo.
Smoke from tobacco soothes,
Hindered mind, haunted now
Though voices that trample
In an empty space I am here
Watching beams of golden light.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ending Our Final Conflict

In the end our final conflict arises
Against our once lived lives,
Our resolutions now defined
Legacies endowed upon our future.
Each our own destinations varies
These last final moments contain
Before our final impact arrives
We are drafted into heaven or hell.
Our statements written down,
Often lonesome in these moments
Our once nourishing lives wither away
Through other generations we must live
That we do not abandon this state of mind.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Betty Owen

Betty Owen, that her name be
While the wind upon the crest
Will never rest in the summer breeze,
Always remember who has passed.
Her grace shall still live within us,
Upon the clouds of heaven she looks down
Still casting her grace into those she loves.
Through gates of heaven-be far away,
That if you look deep within,
You will find her dancing in your hearts again.
A sad time indeed, brings sorrow that bleeds
But look up high to the sky and smile,
Smile, and remember all that was great
Never having regrets, washing away all anger at bay,
So that the ocean will cast forth spilling into heaven,
Its never—ending beauty such as she was indeed,
So on this day let all family and friends,
Remember Betty Owen.

So in silence let’s take,
For a moment and rest
Close our eyes and let her face play,
In your minds, as we will see her beauty,
Shimmering that of the light of the sea.

First publication 2002
Revised 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

All I’ve Got

All I’ve got in this world, so true is this partaking of imagination
Lost in the abnormal traces of life-inkling through the hours,
Some trace of something real within, not quite defined
As I sulk within torn hours, thoughts duly collide
In as much, this grand afternoon I’ll spend in shallow dreams
Meditation, on some form of fashion, I’ll never know,
Do talk with me, fading-flames of life dissipating
For words transform, translucent, real, and pleasing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Cast my Eyes Wide Open

I cast my eyes wide—open catching a glimpse of light
Patterns all around, steadfast in gales of life,
Words forming across the sky, so I fly
While poems echo into freedoms of thought
Therein—new expressions give birth.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here One Day

Here one day
Gone the next
All was once said
Once exchanged,
Swept away today
Our love affair

Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Walking

People walking through the walls
Talking within empty rooms,
Stalking conversations conclude
Elude into nothing but time
Lost in the eons of fragile words
Dreaming within the empty rooms
Fading conversations—escape
Through judgments. Earthquakes
Shattering faces now sad
Fading, faltering mindscapes,
Brought these dreams into colliding.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In This House

In this house resides a person
Swept into fits of tribal dance,
No other place than this—
Storms occupy the foyer
Hailing icy winds, hurricanes of pain,
Nature's growth entwined
Around this person who resides.
Forests—rooted, plants throughout
Growing within this house,
So divine temptations aroused
Upon these very moments.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spectrums of Light

We drink spectrum's of light
Pouring into our very core
In presiding sublimity of life
Surrounded warmth of love unites,
Casting wishes into your mind
Thoughts travel along a fine line
Our own void of seductions persuades
Deeper encounters of exploration.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Uncertain thoughts stride within
Walking, waking inner desires long—
A path of interstellar dreams,
After our paths collide we make birth
In these uncertain moments.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Waiting for these moments
Remain all of eternity
Filled with sacred meanings
This sun, so soothing, and bright
Waiting for you—hypnotized
Love me; the night of revival
You are my sacred beauty
Gazing into my eyes
Now tear me whichever way
From my heart, remains pure.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Turn Away

Turn away from these emotions
Only causing raging electricity
Throughout the soul—my body
While late into this night
Going away, drifting into obscurity.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Remain sweet love—casting in this light
Emotions driving us together this night
Beautiful saturation seduce our minds
Beneath—so consumed by our faith,
We arrive, connecting for eternity.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catching Stars

Catching stars once upon a night
While fishing for the sunrise
Looming shadows speaking as if alive,
In the brisk—gentle hours,
Drowning in the deep emerald skies
Catching elements within my mind
Until then do the days burn away
Continuous in the ever-evolving hours.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Light

The light brings all things alike into blissful tones of serenity
Save for the night shall bring only chaos, though sometimes not
Elements unkind, kinder in the heart that is full of purity,
Steadfast in gentle motions, spiraling into this serenity I feel
Against this light of day, agile like a dream that captivates.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Abundance

An abundance of thoughts, provoking my mind
Energies presiding, thoughts arising
Walking down worn roads, in flourishing peace
Elements thriving, majestic, nourishing forms
Gathering within these consuming scenery,
Point in time unknown, still in these very moments.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I want to take the lights into your bosom
Therein igniting your heart into a fire,
So filled with compassion; an eternity of slumber
Escaping forming webs, intangible pain,
Cobwebs combined bind forming no escape
Ensnare the life forms the vivid tides of life
All the images containing intangibles,
Foregoing through gales of strife held against
Against my will webs break my heart,
With unseen webs of strength combined
Within darkness aimless and loss behold,
Control my aging mind; you take hold
Feasting upon the flesh of time until is all but gone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet Sunshine

Sweet sunshine of mine
The day is breaking in my mind
I am not the same as an hour ago
Perhaps asleep within a dream
As I’ve moved onwards in course,
Life consuming me I suppose,
The conceptions of life draws away
Surrounding, no sorrows rain upon me
No hesitations, causing pain,
Along a path of conceiving faith
Shall always hold some truth;
Sought under impressions of time
Understanding, steadfast, fasting.

Then our souls consume the world
The mark I leave has so consumed us,
Your body present against mine
Under a crescent moon, so brilliant and true
Now such moonlight exposes your life
Ages ago, mid day vanquished,
Time feels like its moving backwards
Yet we are growing older,
Yet starlight nourishes our souls
Taking part of ritualistic conceptions
Days shall be blue always true
Happiness always a state of mind
Continues our beloved sunshine
Thus resonates in our souls
All the time I’ve missed you
Sweet sunshine of mine.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leaping into a Storm of Fire

Leaping into a storm of fire—stars encompass
As lingering dreams take hold into reality I must go,
Before me the world becomes a wondrous paradise;
Solitude stills the very core, empties conveys calmness
Serial exposures; haunting the hours that abide
As moonlight cast gently upon us we become alive
Given the time in the sate of mine, young fair,
Consumed in a moment of intention
Young fair, reflections cast upon us
As inner ray of sunshine pouring;
Our souls washed of grave manners
Everything alive flourishing
Composition of life, our internal moments
Never abandoned our sunshine
Nor as well when moonshine casts,
Vanquishing the deathly cold
We inherit the wild natures of live
Therein we share our deepest thoughts.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ocean Night

I stood upon a hill someplace near an ocean
Sunlight beaming, mesmerizing as I am this night
While clouds forming in the summer night
An ocean before me so vivid by the moonlight
Forming patterns of delight, ready to consume
Not knowing this course; I feel an unending calmness.
Heading downwards into depths of unknown avenues
Sandy beaches beneath me, clutching at my feet
So if I could only leave surly I would and fade away
So I would, not knowing any other way, headed towards the sea.
Moon shining brightly; a pearl crushed in my mind
Fading into the oncoming darkness, I do not digress
Through a path coursing against thorns and shrubs
As burning emotions—scorching my uneasy venture;
So cold, dreary I could not sleep; I arrived here
Alone allied by shadows and accompanied by voices
On the beach stretching to no end, an grand ocean before me,
I felt the breeze on my face, I thought to my self.
Waves overlapped the sandy beach, before the tapestry of me,
The waves once again tossed and turned like a bad nightmares
Yet so calming I could consume this epic expansion,
Though with no way back I was driven into an icy
Lost under the sea, with the creatures of the deep,
Looking above I could see the moon shining brightly down,
Distorted, now ever getting so dark, until I feel so sluggish
I slowly drifted down to my never-ending grave.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hold tightly friend—caught in a hurricane of life
Under nightfall, progressing daylight ahead,
Some point assumed in a torn hour as it is,
Shall be progressing upon these pages of life.
Turning again through the mind of madness
Now aroused by a new hour as day has arrived
I’m so taken by this hurricane won’t you abide
These ideas that do not subside in this course
By the thunderous seductions so hold tightly my friend.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Assimilating your Heart

Maybe through some ideal —framed within
Can’t feel the love flowing outwards,
The sensational words assimilating your heart
From enthralling lust, so evoking upon your skin
As the vertigo of emotions hitherto shall go
Feel beneath—upon my breast heavy with elation
As if I’m surrounded by a sustaining beauty
So mesmerized—hypnotized in an endless eternity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't Worry

Can’t worry about this state of destruction now arising
Cast away from amassing hypocrisy and away from destitutions
So ever entwined, neglected state of mind becomes fragile,
Despised from misleading words rather be loved and admired
While left wondering, the iron words upon the heart.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Friend

My friend—do not fade away in this dying light; progressing forward
Thus so my faint heart might shatter into a thousand eons of rebirth
As thoughts do crave an audience; profound meanings arise within
Illuminating— never lacking these emotions that enlighten
Fading within, into a dark yonder of pure escape,
While examining the final moments as I stand against the view
Alluring on the interventions our lives; collide for eons.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emerald Light

Emerald light immersing a once emensible darkness
Sustaining the vastness of an epic expansion
As the chamber within my mind revolve forwards
Thought proving mechanisms explore the light,
Therein this emerald light of cherished love
Do contains, conveys something of longevity.
As everything caught, this immersing evocation
Unto these entwined hours of solemn escape
As evolving sedation; pleasures my mind
Our entrapment against inviting rays of light
Under some sedation of light candlelight I assume
Consumed with announcing pleasures that elate,
Our hearts bright warm and inviting friendships
For the emerald paradise shall remain for eternity.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Last Goodnight

My last goodnight child of night
Sweet love as we part—so navigate away,
Unto depths of slumbering stars do withstand
Encompassing our hearts entwined again
As into lightning fields—cresting again
Upon another nightly climax herein.
Our sunshine sweeps away empty darkness
Alluring a light of purity against our bodies
Seduced therein no more emotions ravish
As the penetration of warmth—so always awake
How plentiful this present exploration,
Shining spheres of purity, down pouring
As if stars are on fire before us.
Falling upon the hour so blissful and alive,
The entire world that is seen by our naked eyes
Thus becomes a bright beckon; shattering the universe,
Bestowing, lingering emotions of love hitherto grows
Through the unfathomable abyss, unto present moments
Continuing—sacred words upon the native tongue
Only whispered by my sweet love from within
Through an exploration; our continuous journey
We manifest into an endless intercourse of thought,
And embodiment against space and time
Always at rest, feasting on nourishing foods
While lusting under canopies of intoxication.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bottles of Life

The bottles of life yield some liquid
Across the time lines—many vessels
Contain some antidote for life or death
Sometimes I drink for the good of life
While then again I've drank death,
Sometimes I feel no pain though
Other times great pain most aching,
Falling forwards emotions ravished
Into the drowning atmospheres I go
Sometimes I find salvation sometime not.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Through the Afternoon

I wander through the afternoon mostly in search for night
Dispelled, compelled in search of passion alike
Thus bodies of lost ghosts wander along
Nothing of its own becomes a fire, emitting a grand wonder
Without a body—wasted fast asleep in a deep dream.
Behold I turn away into a lonely ghost never tame,
Alive and well yet splintered into depths of outer space
Across the thresholds between afternoon and night,
Until nothing seems the same but a dream of grandeur,
Furthermore, I wander into unending fires of compassion
Until the moon projects a dream long ago
Taking hold of internal rays of grace the rhythms engulf me,
Drowning away sorrows within and outwards
Sedation follows some sort of course untamed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Spell of Bewitchment

A spell of bewitchment ensnares my beating heart
As I become shattered under the moonlight
Draws me until faint, drowning into delirium
While my passions indeed collide against harsh storms,
According pleasures announced within the night
Under captivated moonlight, embodied by compassion
Eternal shadows emerges stands aside followed by a spell
Dancing madden, made of stars takes me away
Such bewitchment conjures within my mind
Never letting go I fall into some dream amid the night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Ragged Man

A ragged man walking admits some unknown moment
As emotions rage, ravage; alone in eternity without hope
I suppose this maybe true for sure I gaze into the blue,
As within no passion dose he receive nor his tattered shoes,
But away into the depths of darkness such shoes bestowed.
Bestowed upon a heavy heart as hardship remains,
Another mile has gone, vanished without a trace,
But everything in time has aged—these ragged shoes,
Now in disgrace, these weary shoes shown aged
Dose the hardship show, eternity shall not wait I assume.
Stare at the reflections cast upon the moment
So forgotten, lost in the tombs of grief forever silent
Dose nothing move nor talks nor listens
That life never stops, so such shoes become abandoned.
It's laces skewed, its soles have faded out while
Tattered colors bleed, whilst no amount of faith,
It’s on this earth, in a desolate plague of hell
There in a gutter, misplaced, helpless with fear
While inside a party rages, deep in silent shoes
While ecstasy fills the voids, hungry for more
Girls stare at the ragged shoes, the ragged reflection of a man
Down into the night of darkness rains,
That remains untouched, in the ebbing darkness
But invisible like a statue, invisible man shouts without sound,
Shouts for mercy, alone against darkness, hardship bound
It’s not the shoes that feel fear,
For such shoes only wish thus night too testify some love.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Epica – A Tribute to a Night

Within my sanctorum, confined in a celestial expansion of my mind
Arising from the sanctuary—sanctorum beyond the view of anyone
Therein my immortal coil; my soul that can’t be fathomed
Through incarnation my spirit becomes mortal man entwined with life
Deep in the depths of these celestial designs shaped the very world.
Burning with afflictions of silence, deafening the very essence of me
Upon a strange world, upon this epic earth of wondrous beauty,
Gazing upwards suppressed by transforming; alas deprived of breathe
Storms ravish my body in these moments of unrest
But suspended in time; further course becomes unknown,
Craving a performance—incantations that soothe the very core of me
Through stalking shadows, feeding on spectrum's of light
While gnawing at the night; ensnares the hour with a tribute.

Thus, deduction of unconscious thoughts becomes mere seductions,
Pouring within a dreamer’s heart; desires behold, held with my soul
Forming shadows of delinquent—condemned strangers sulking
For eternity I vanquish the entire world into peace.
No more wandering in this chaos outside that chills my internal core,
Forces beckon—alas driven into animation into some ancient temple
Beyond our world into a cosmic arena shatters the very core of me
As my conscious mind; through orbs of some departed matter
Therein lost in a crowed of embodied shadows stalking the stage
For a moment, lifeline crashes when your voice shatters the shadows
Your presence—shown in the moving spectrum's of light
Like a fire spreading outwards and taking the cold world away.

Now revived thus my heart set free into another plain of reality
So hypnotized; my soul released into the night
Upon twilight—lost in the entombed sounds for eternity
Through words written to appease the evolving mind
As your presence alone radiates into my aching breast
The rhythms arouse; magnitude of lust through these moments
Prevailing embracing elements of life within this strange arena
Into a celestial dream, escaping into a world beyond
Some voice begins to whisper in these confines of darkness
Inhabiting our minds with zeal and casting thunder into my heart
So the blazing sun ensnares my body giving way to light and beauty
So a sublime light erupts, wheeling forces beyond control
Stunning array; an angel before me I kneel in trepidation,
Your voice claims my mind until subjected into a dream-scape
For my vitality lapses briefly in surrender of the music
Do ravish my heart with such desire within these operatic sounds
Through a cortex of sound emanating, enchanting causing serenity
Until finally the encore ensnares me back into my sanctorum.
Now as before you become a memory in my celestial soul.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Affinity of Slumber

I am connected into these echoing hour of slumber
Onwards—bound into a machine that only ages,
Thus the fragile mind; whispering thoughts arise
Due course I shall succumb to this degree of failure
So let it be upon this conquest for vitality.
All other riches alike do not compare upon this life
So I vanquish myself until sequestered into a grand tomb
Beneath the fiery starts compel my heart, and so on
To continue nor digress in this isolation of slumber?
Standing within this grand hall of affinity,
Duly gazing into the spectrum's of the beholders light
A reaper stands in shadow forces beckon my mind
Beneath the fiery stars of candor such purifying light
Embracing the substance of life until swept away
Gales that ravish every essence of my being
Into a slumber and across the universe of the unknown.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart Strings

I had a dream about this moment brought upon me,
A sudden flash of lighting that singed the very core of me
So suddenly in my feeble moment of this new day,
Upon the cusp of dawn so a silence drew upon me
Transcended within my virtuous heart so brave and alive.
Grave no doubt this dream of unknown futures held,
Yet in the dying candlelight frayed by my thoughts
Upon a grand horizon did I witness the fire of life breed
Renewing thus my soul from the wake of this dream.

And I follow my heart into the weakest moments of failing,
Like the dying light on the verge of trying to hold tightly
As well suspended in the naked voids I do abide
My hand against my naked breast, do I so admire this life
The splendid moments when this harmony is so blissful
So this rejuvenation brings upon me a refreshment of life.

Words long ago; remembrance contained in our vessels
Our hearts always beating vibrant enlighten our very minds
According; entwined with caring remarks about dreams,
And at rest; deep slumber as the night diminishes warmth I seek
Your presence always keeps me warm, so each moment I abide
Say I crave the very nature of your being within my own.

We escape into an exposure of continuous rhythms
Escaping into serenity therein upon a bright distant star
Gathering the dust of wisdom alike warm and true
Compassion in a steadfast speed no sorrow shall follow
Only true divinity, so we nourish our internal beings with love
Until we become an enigma; canceled ourselves,
Ancient pyramids arise before us; admits unknown origins
Deep oceans of space—distant regions lost to all other of mankind
So deep in our womb we shall languish in our lagoon
Of sanction for eternity in endless passion,
Until our dreams become true in these strange encounters
Always erecting our bodies into an ageless paradise
We give way into our own vital callings
Bet-roved in the celestial tomb of immortality.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer Evenings

I recall summer evenings before the dawn of winter
So I dream of days when resting under blissful skies
Blue and mighty as an ocean sweeping against me,
As later would become dark brisk gales and stars collide
Until then undergoing strange dreams foretold
Wrapped in a yearning of enlightenment I do hold
Unto an evening of summer evenings so enjoyed.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under this Moonlight

Under this moonlight we witness an arising affair
We fall gently into a graceful dream like—secrete,
Within our will we yearn, this ravishing passion.
So our will grows ever stronger,
Upon these divine moments our lives lapse in obscurity
Under this barren moonlight, so we devour this hour,
Just being our selves; together alone in this quite world.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Wondrous Blaze

A wondrous blaze of light forever purifies
Vexing the very moment of my life,
While such blazing light purifies the hours
So as such eternal passions lie deep inside
No complications, so do I strive.
Once dark water arose from the bellows of my soul
Yet notwithstanding; core of life moves on.
Upon this wondrous blaze of light always heals
Afflicting the night sky with a golden spectrum's
So upon this earth weary emotions sustained
Gales of hardship kept at bay—are away,
Until these translations whirl me into oblivion.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Conception of Sunshine

Conceptions of the mind breed within fading light
Candlelight never seen the sunshine always night
Always nightmares doubtful I hold tight,
I tend to myself strolling through life
Always toiling and brushing with demonic entities,
While the moonlight shown true and bright,
Impacted within this strange life deep without sunshine
Yet looking inwards; an old soul burning with prosperous colors
Always colliding like atoms into an enigma of life
Forever alive strolling through the fading light
As a fire perpetuates undying embers warm the heart
Upon the fleeting sunshine or moonshine I proceed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rising Sun

The rising sun; its pivotal salutations rain down upon me
Though beforehand a writer in the dreadful cold of night arises
Once again blinded by the darkness no light to behold,
Always this spell, dreaming of some inspiration.
Within an awakening the soul prospers within this sunrise
Now devouring this warmth, truly forming grand words
Until brilliance so clear and alive take hold
Awakening sometimes in the impressions of time
Even when this writer ravished by storms raining down
Down into the depths of his soul, therein do I reside
Never digressing; never letting go through these hours.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I do hold an awareness of this existence
In my heart do dreams reside as I do
Inspiration, successes of mortality
Arise from within, beneath our skin
Beneath oceans of rain do we remain
Paradise remains so steadfast this night
No hurricanes separate our bodies
Hereafter so persuasive and alive
Words transcending furthest reaches
Reaching into our dreams of compassion
As our temptations expressed
So transfixed upon these present moments.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Praise Heavenly Light

Another hour, so I praise such a heavenly day
Praise the light that warms the very core,
Of my heart that beams with reverence
Praise the heavenly light that obeys.
At bay, I'm kept in endless cycles of light
I praise the heavenly warmth I encounter
Within these avenues of unknown directions.
Someone’s alone—enlightened my life
Swept unto, into vivid emotions of life
Only illustrating cherished moments
Words thus afflicting in prospering motions
Withstand against unreasoning
I arise, slowly, alone, fading away
Fading into this heavenly light.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays comb with enlightenment
Within the shade of nightly spectrum's,
I'm caught in thunderous climaxes;
Uttering gentle words—pleasures announced
Through the cosmic rays of unending life,
Therefore a substance injected, elixir of life
Forever spells, transfixes the bodies of love
Frozen within the continuing times,
Words transfix upon my heart; our hearts
Casting reasons, injecting us even higher
Until we become cosmic lovers deep in space.