Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet Sunshine

Sweet sunshine of mine
The day is breaking in my mind
I am not the same as an hour ago
Perhaps asleep within a dream
As I’ve moved onwards in course,
Life consuming me I suppose,
The conceptions of life draws away
Surrounding, no sorrows rain upon me
No hesitations, causing pain,
Along a path of conceiving faith
Shall always hold some truth;
Sought under impressions of time
Understanding, steadfast, fasting.

Then our souls consume the world
The mark I leave has so consumed us,
Your body present against mine
Under a crescent moon, so brilliant and true
Now such moonlight exposes your life
Ages ago, mid day vanquished,
Time feels like its moving backwards
Yet we are growing older,
Yet starlight nourishes our souls
Taking part of ritualistic conceptions
Days shall be blue always true
Happiness always a state of mind
Continues our beloved sunshine
Thus resonates in our souls
All the time I’ve missed you
Sweet sunshine of mine.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leaping into a Storm of Fire

Leaping into a storm of fire—stars encompass
As lingering dreams take hold into reality I must go,
Before me the world becomes a wondrous paradise;
Solitude stills the very core, empties conveys calmness
Serial exposures; haunting the hours that abide
As moonlight cast gently upon us we become alive
Given the time in the sate of mine, young fair,
Consumed in a moment of intention
Young fair, reflections cast upon us
As inner ray of sunshine pouring;
Our souls washed of grave manners
Everything alive flourishing
Composition of life, our internal moments
Never abandoned our sunshine
Nor as well when moonshine casts,
Vanquishing the deathly cold
We inherit the wild natures of live
Therein we share our deepest thoughts.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ocean Night

I stood upon a hill someplace near an ocean
Sunlight beaming, mesmerizing as I am this night
While clouds forming in the summer night
An ocean before me so vivid by the moonlight
Forming patterns of delight, ready to consume
Not knowing this course; I feel an unending calmness.
Heading downwards into depths of unknown avenues
Sandy beaches beneath me, clutching at my feet
So if I could only leave surly I would and fade away
So I would, not knowing any other way, headed towards the sea.
Moon shining brightly; a pearl crushed in my mind
Fading into the oncoming darkness, I do not digress
Through a path coursing against thorns and shrubs
As burning emotions—scorching my uneasy venture;
So cold, dreary I could not sleep; I arrived here
Alone allied by shadows and accompanied by voices
On the beach stretching to no end, an grand ocean before me,
I felt the breeze on my face, I thought to my self.
Waves overlapped the sandy beach, before the tapestry of me,
The waves once again tossed and turned like a bad nightmares
Yet so calming I could consume this epic expansion,
Though with no way back I was driven into an icy
Lost under the sea, with the creatures of the deep,
Looking above I could see the moon shining brightly down,
Distorted, now ever getting so dark, until I feel so sluggish
I slowly drifted down to my never-ending grave.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hold tightly friend—caught in a hurricane of life
Under nightfall, progressing daylight ahead,
Some point assumed in a torn hour as it is,
Shall be progressing upon these pages of life.
Turning again through the mind of madness
Now aroused by a new hour as day has arrived
I’m so taken by this hurricane won’t you abide
These ideas that do not subside in this course
By the thunderous seductions so hold tightly my friend.