Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Lamppost seen in night
Alone out in the cold hours,
Indeed casts halo of golden light
Aware of wild thickets near by
All around—blessed golden light
Strangles; lonely cries echo.
Smoke from tobacco soothes,
Hindered mind, haunted now
Though voices that trample
In an empty space I am here
Watching beams of golden light.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ending Our Final Conflict

In the end our final conflict arises
Against our once lived lives,
Our resolutions now defined
Legacies endowed upon our future.
Each our own destinations varies
These last final moments contain
Before our final impact arrives
We are drafted into heaven or hell.
Our statements written down,
Often lonesome in these moments
Our once nourishing lives wither away
Through other generations we must live
That we do not abandon this state of mind.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Betty Owen

Betty Owen, that her name be
While the wind upon the crest
Will never rest in the summer breeze,
Always remember who has passed.
Her grace shall still live within us,
Upon the clouds of heaven she looks down
Still casting her grace into those she loves.
Through gates of heaven-be far away,
That if you look deep within,
You will find her dancing in your hearts again.
A sad time indeed, brings sorrow that bleeds
But look up high to the sky and smile,
Smile, and remember all that was great
Never having regrets, washing away all anger at bay,
So that the ocean will cast forth spilling into heaven,
Its never—ending beauty such as she was indeed,
So on this day let all family and friends,
Remember Betty Owen.

So in silence let’s take,
For a moment and rest
Close our eyes and let her face play,
In your minds, as we will see her beauty,
Shimmering that of the light of the sea.

First publication 2002
Revised 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

All I’ve Got

All I’ve got in this world, so true is this partaking of imagination
Lost in the abnormal traces of life-inkling through the hours,
Some trace of something real within, not quite defined
As I sulk within torn hours, thoughts duly collide
In as much, this grand afternoon I’ll spend in shallow dreams
Meditation, on some form of fashion, I’ll never know,
Do talk with me, fading-flames of life dissipating
For words transform, translucent, real, and pleasing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Cast my Eyes Wide Open

I cast my eyes wide—open catching a glimpse of light
Patterns all around, steadfast in gales of life,
Words forming across the sky, so I fly
While poems echo into freedoms of thought
Therein—new expressions give birth.