Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under this Moonlight

Under this moonlight we witness an arising affair
We fall gently into a graceful dream like—secrete,
Within our will we yearn, this ravishing passion.
So our will grows ever stronger,
Upon these divine moments our lives lapse in obscurity
Under this barren moonlight, so we devour this hour,
Just being our selves; together alone in this quite world.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Wondrous Blaze

A wondrous blaze of light forever purifies
Vexing the very moment of my life,
While such blazing light purifies the hours
So as such eternal passions lie deep inside
No complications, so do I strive.
Once dark water arose from the bellows of my soul
Yet notwithstanding; core of life moves on.
Upon this wondrous blaze of light always heals
Afflicting the night sky with a golden spectrum's
So upon this earth weary emotions sustained
Gales of hardship kept at bay—are away,
Until these translations whirl me into oblivion.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Conception of Sunshine

Conceptions of the mind breed within fading light
Candlelight never seen the sunshine always night
Always nightmares doubtful I hold tight,
I tend to myself strolling through life
Always toiling and brushing with demonic entities,
While the moonlight shown true and bright,
Impacted within this strange life deep without sunshine
Yet looking inwards; an old soul burning with prosperous colors
Always colliding like atoms into an enigma of life
Forever alive strolling through the fading light
As a fire perpetuates undying embers warm the heart
Upon the fleeting sunshine or moonshine I proceed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rising Sun

The rising sun; its pivotal salutations rain down upon me
Though beforehand a writer in the dreadful cold of night arises
Once again blinded by the darkness no light to behold,
Always this spell, dreaming of some inspiration.
Within an awakening the soul prospers within this sunrise
Now devouring this warmth, truly forming grand words
Until brilliance so clear and alive take hold
Awakening sometimes in the impressions of time
Even when this writer ravished by storms raining down
Down into the depths of his soul, therein do I reside
Never digressing; never letting go through these hours.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I do hold an awareness of this existence
In my heart do dreams reside as I do
Inspiration, successes of mortality
Arise from within, beneath our skin
Beneath oceans of rain do we remain
Paradise remains so steadfast this night
No hurricanes separate our bodies
Hereafter so persuasive and alive
Words transcending furthest reaches
Reaching into our dreams of compassion
As our temptations expressed
So transfixed upon these present moments.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Praise Heavenly Light

Another hour, so I praise such a heavenly day
Praise the light that warms the very core,
Of my heart that beams with reverence
Praise the heavenly light that obeys.
At bay, I'm kept in endless cycles of light
I praise the heavenly warmth I encounter
Within these avenues of unknown directions.
Someone’s alone—enlightened my life
Swept unto, into vivid emotions of life
Only illustrating cherished moments
Words thus afflicting in prospering motions
Withstand against unreasoning
I arise, slowly, alone, fading away
Fading into this heavenly light.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays comb with enlightenment
Within the shade of nightly spectrum's,
I'm caught in thunderous climaxes;
Uttering gentle words—pleasures announced
Through the cosmic rays of unending life,
Therefore a substance injected, elixir of life
Forever spells, transfixes the bodies of love
Frozen within the continuing times,
Words transfix upon my heart; our hearts
Casting reasons, injecting us even higher
Until we become cosmic lovers deep in space.