Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live On

Live on through the departed, the spirits echo all around
Surrounding encompassing within without the earth,
Drawing forth internal memories sought after this day
Some period of time shall be erased, remaining for another
Those who have departed in the will of higher power
What more can we witness in the torn hours of grieving
So the keeper dwells within the darkness, is impure
Stray not, my friend, keep that emptiness away
For each day the torch carries on for an eternity.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I may not see you again perhaps I’ll write
Don’t worry my words shall bring comfort
As even when thoughts stray in the internal dark
Just knowing of me shall bring about the light
An internal emotion so far caged and wanting
As you yearn, devouring consumption within
Waiting lifeline crashing the pulse is racing
Deep into a sensation of romantic desires.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Intentions of Being

I’m here though not within intentions of being
Here waiting outside my star, filled mind
Knowing silence like I do it’s become dreadful
As my mind, stranded in some episode of life,
Yields no ambitions but a taste for passion
Craving these complete intentions of just being
Is it that to which I’m so drawn and demanding
This aching idea that thrives within the soul,
As I hold my breast feelings of elation overwhelms
For is it love that I feel through this strange hour?
Do not wish to account, only a silent burden speaks
How fair and wild the weather brings upon me
Hope, though distant and lacking, I can witness
Slightly within the toiling darkness of my soul.
Yes, you, my dear I yearn for, as I embark against the tides
Drawn, guided by moonlight ebbing me along
I yearn to penetrate your body with my audible words.
Here waiting aside beside the lonely roads of ruin
Accounting for something, how I keep thinking,
With great reverence, how elated my heart becomes
As solitude brings me to this point of reference.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Arise the Serenity

I arise from the depths maybe seeking the serenity of life
Some advice to cure my vices from the pain and neglect
From these depths merging—renewing the essence within
Heart caged once filled with darkness and drowning,
Helpless now wandering as an enigma, a ghost in hiding
Somehow forming these relationships I feel weightless
Weighted down doubt fills all the hours that feed upon me
Maybe an escape from unknown avenues
Until I’ve gone back into the inner depths of my soul.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Overshadowed by darkness without refrain
Therein I hope to find you waiting for our embrace
Inspired in me to become a steady friend
Once only enigmatic, strangers on empty streets
Weightless in a void of overshadowed thoughts
Characters in shrouded chaos decay into silence
As I peer into this silence, deafening hysteria,
Linger for a brief moment agile and faint.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


All the moments caught within the raindrops
Waking, rising, maybe once dreaming of something,
Undefined without some simple explanation
Now seeking those once lost dreams so cherished
Something building—rising within my heart
Caught in some emotional decay I awake again
Everyday into some refreshing moment of reflection.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We shall meet at dusk upon the narrow crossing
Holding tight against gales that thirst for compassion
Sweet intoxicating whispers drown me into bliss
Holding tight against our bodies thirsting and evoking
Never letting go, never apart nor separated,
As we burn into raging supernovas deep within
Alluring shadows leap and bound about us
Overhead ravens watch steady and stalking
Our hands clasping our hearts, beating, entwined
Making our last good, byes upon the narrow crossing.