Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Spell of Bewitchment

A spell of bewitchment ensnares my beating heart
As I become shattered under the moonlight
Draws me until faint, drowning into delirium
While my passions indeed collide against harsh storms,
According pleasures announced within the night
Under captivated moonlight, embodied by compassion
Eternal shadows emerges stands aside followed by a spell
Dancing madden, made of stars takes me away
Such bewitchment conjures within my mind
Never letting go I fall into some dream amid the night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Ragged Man

A ragged man walking admits some unknown moment
As emotions rage, ravage; alone in eternity without hope
I suppose this maybe true for sure I gaze into the blue,
As within no passion dose he receive nor his tattered shoes,
But away into the depths of darkness such shoes bestowed.
Bestowed upon a heavy heart as hardship remains,
Another mile has gone, vanished without a trace,
But everything in time has aged—these ragged shoes,
Now in disgrace, these weary shoes shown aged
Dose the hardship show, eternity shall not wait I assume.
Stare at the reflections cast upon the moment
So forgotten, lost in the tombs of grief forever silent
Dose nothing move nor talks nor listens
That life never stops, so such shoes become abandoned.
It's laces skewed, its soles have faded out while
Tattered colors bleed, whilst no amount of faith,
It’s on this earth, in a desolate plague of hell
There in a gutter, misplaced, helpless with fear
While inside a party rages, deep in silent shoes
While ecstasy fills the voids, hungry for more
Girls stare at the ragged shoes, the ragged reflection of a man
Down into the night of darkness rains,
That remains untouched, in the ebbing darkness
But invisible like a statue, invisible man shouts without sound,
Shouts for mercy, alone against darkness, hardship bound
It’s not the shoes that feel fear,
For such shoes only wish thus night too testify some love.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Epica – A Tribute to a Night

Within my sanctorum, confined in a celestial expansion of my mind
Arising from the sanctuary—sanctorum beyond the view of anyone
Therein my immortal coil; my soul that can’t be fathomed
Through incarnation my spirit becomes mortal man entwined with life
Deep in the depths of these celestial designs shaped the very world.
Burning with afflictions of silence, deafening the very essence of me
Upon a strange world, upon this epic earth of wondrous beauty,
Gazing upwards suppressed by transforming; alas deprived of breathe
Storms ravish my body in these moments of unrest
But suspended in time; further course becomes unknown,
Craving a performance—incantations that soothe the very core of me
Through stalking shadows, feeding on spectrum's of light
While gnawing at the night; ensnares the hour with a tribute.

Thus, deduction of unconscious thoughts becomes mere seductions,
Pouring within a dreamer’s heart; desires behold, held with my soul
Forming shadows of delinquent—condemned strangers sulking
For eternity I vanquish the entire world into peace.
No more wandering in this chaos outside that chills my internal core,
Forces beckon—alas driven into animation into some ancient temple
Beyond our world into a cosmic arena shatters the very core of me
As my conscious mind; through orbs of some departed matter
Therein lost in a crowed of embodied shadows stalking the stage
For a moment, lifeline crashes when your voice shatters the shadows
Your presence—shown in the moving spectrum's of light
Like a fire spreading outwards and taking the cold world away.

Now revived thus my heart set free into another plain of reality
So hypnotized; my soul released into the night
Upon twilight—lost in the entombed sounds for eternity
Through words written to appease the evolving mind
As your presence alone radiates into my aching breast
The rhythms arouse; magnitude of lust through these moments
Prevailing embracing elements of life within this strange arena
Into a celestial dream, escaping into a world beyond
Some voice begins to whisper in these confines of darkness
Inhabiting our minds with zeal and casting thunder into my heart
So the blazing sun ensnares my body giving way to light and beauty
So a sublime light erupts, wheeling forces beyond control
Stunning array; an angel before me I kneel in trepidation,
Your voice claims my mind until subjected into a dream-scape
For my vitality lapses briefly in surrender of the music
Do ravish my heart with such desire within these operatic sounds
Through a cortex of sound emanating, enchanting causing serenity
Until finally the encore ensnares me back into my sanctorum.
Now as before you become a memory in my celestial soul.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Affinity of Slumber

I am connected into these echoing hour of slumber
Onwards—bound into a machine that only ages,
Thus the fragile mind; whispering thoughts arise
Due course I shall succumb to this degree of failure
So let it be upon this conquest for vitality.
All other riches alike do not compare upon this life
So I vanquish myself until sequestered into a grand tomb
Beneath the fiery starts compel my heart, and so on
To continue nor digress in this isolation of slumber?
Standing within this grand hall of affinity,
Duly gazing into the spectrum's of the beholders light
A reaper stands in shadow forces beckon my mind
Beneath the fiery stars of candor such purifying light
Embracing the substance of life until swept away
Gales that ravish every essence of my being
Into a slumber and across the universe of the unknown.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart Strings

I had a dream about this moment brought upon me,
A sudden flash of lighting that singed the very core of me
So suddenly in my feeble moment of this new day,
Upon the cusp of dawn so a silence drew upon me
Transcended within my virtuous heart so brave and alive.
Grave no doubt this dream of unknown futures held,
Yet in the dying candlelight frayed by my thoughts
Upon a grand horizon did I witness the fire of life breed
Renewing thus my soul from the wake of this dream.

And I follow my heart into the weakest moments of failing,
Like the dying light on the verge of trying to hold tightly
As well suspended in the naked voids I do abide
My hand against my naked breast, do I so admire this life
The splendid moments when this harmony is so blissful
So this rejuvenation brings upon me a refreshment of life.

Words long ago; remembrance contained in our vessels
Our hearts always beating vibrant enlighten our very minds
According; entwined with caring remarks about dreams,
And at rest; deep slumber as the night diminishes warmth I seek
Your presence always keeps me warm, so each moment I abide
Say I crave the very nature of your being within my own.

We escape into an exposure of continuous rhythms
Escaping into serenity therein upon a bright distant star
Gathering the dust of wisdom alike warm and true
Compassion in a steadfast speed no sorrow shall follow
Only true divinity, so we nourish our internal beings with love
Until we become an enigma; canceled ourselves,
Ancient pyramids arise before us; admits unknown origins
Deep oceans of space—distant regions lost to all other of mankind
So deep in our womb we shall languish in our lagoon
Of sanction for eternity in endless passion,
Until our dreams become true in these strange encounters
Always erecting our bodies into an ageless paradise
We give way into our own vital callings
Bet-roved in the celestial tomb of immortality.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer Evenings

I recall summer evenings before the dawn of winter
So I dream of days when resting under blissful skies
Blue and mighty as an ocean sweeping against me,
As later would become dark brisk gales and stars collide
Until then undergoing strange dreams foretold
Wrapped in a yearning of enlightenment I do hold
Unto an evening of summer evenings so enjoyed.