Thursday, December 31, 2009

Passages in Time

Passages lost under currents of desperation
Words once read, vanquished like the day
As night arises, these passages become silent
Holding me as I struggle to write.
Now dormant messages forgotten, like so often
Beneath the darkness I am waiting to be found,
Certainly I am present encapsulated in this hour
Upon these moments of withering words
Thus illustrate; so my desires most likely found
Beneath these wandering passages of time collide
Approaching hours keep awake as a new year begins
As alluring elements seductive and alive do thrive
Provoking an eternity of compassion, I do hold.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nurturing Thoughts

Nurturing thoughts arise, extracted from a supernova
So deep within the mind that I become such a device
Feeding from an internal fire of obtainable desires
Foreseen in unconscious manners, divine perfections
Nurture my living soul so these words collide
Such as this supernova I’ve become in this light
Enlightening notations; nurturing countless thoughts
Until consumed in conceiving desires—behold
Therein the chamber dwelling in my enlightened heart
Forever purifying; craving something that’s peaceful.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Within Nature

Within nature’s wild breathtaking energies
Arise and feed of my mind taking hold,
As everything brings me into this natural world
I arise from slumber, a deep unconscious moment
As nature never resting, changing through nature
So it seems I am alive, now professing my heart
So I grow tired of the stone buildings surrounding,
Always ravishing my life suffocating the time,
Across the threshold, I know nature’s refuge
Thus from unrest becomes realty in this strange moment.
As dark threatening skies drown my mind
Stones crumble upon me, shattering all surrounding
While no doubt agile whispers compel
Taking hold of this weary body,
Now within saved, wild energies bounding upon me;
Skies that resemble heaven in an agile light
Perhaps some emotional feeling for such images
To pertain, remain all else alive within this moment,
Sweeping gently against tightly knotted thoughts
Within foreboding dreams carried throughout
Most earthly places I wish to live and now I do
While deceased buildings crumble into oblivion,
All is gone but in good faith, good intentions thrive.
Sometimes longing fills my heart with unrest;
I seek only peace within, seeking only nature’s truth
Captivated and ravished by such love and birth anew
Upon endless hours of innovations, I quiver with fascination
Vanquished into endless storms of scattered dreams
Entombed soul, free restful within nature as can be seen,
My serenity of existence deep within, forever ravished,
Loathing the stone world, such agony I can only subside
The wild wilderness; no oppression but freedom within nature.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Walk Towards the Window

I Walk Toward the Window
I walk toward the window as I dwell in this chamber
Drifting into scattered light, I gaze upon the world
An abyss of unknown awakens a yearning of desire
As some complete wholeness captivates my heart
Freeing thus my mind from all, no more I cry.
Encountering new cherished moments, I shall prevail
Through the thresholds of another world, I envy
Torn from this moment for eternity
Drawing dreams into tangled realism
On into scattered light before this window.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I did Not Listen

I did not listen, that is, at first, while I stood; silence became me
As echoing words spoke, my dear heart began to tremble
For only I should have felt these words tear from the pages
Throwing me into another world that took hold of my soul
Yet instead I turned away into some forming nightmare,
Drowning into my own trials and tribulations, I suppose,
Yet even without light, I sought to keep from drowning
Always awaking, the words pouring from this world
So each moment I could express my full desires.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Green Chair

After all the moments of celebrations and love
I’m weary from all the endless parties now again
I’m vanquished from mankind, seeking solace.
Through an endless search endless darkness,
Green chair that’s kept within an empty chamber
All that’s within has aged like myself and I’m drawn
Until my misfortune becomes my own devious dreams,
Withered worn chair, curled near the fire that breeds
Feeds like no other, draws no warmth into my weary soul
Sorrowful eyes cast gray and cold like stone,
Green chair of mine, please, may I sooth, my body
Deep in the confines entombed in the contours
Naked in an empty chamber that I embrace with love
Please do not fight me—my heart is heavy and torn,
I rest closing my eyes for one last time until now
I listen to ongoing celebrations feasting on malice
As said, no warmth draws but only the colliding skies,
I crave this green chair, crave it like no other emotion.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Morning Sun

Good morning, sun, bright halo of evolving light
How you brighten my mind upon this glorious morning,
New beginnings, new warmth escapes; dreadful coldness
How I envy the vibrant warmth—please give me strength
Give me something I can obtain upon this new day
As I awake torn from the dreams of unending pain.
Now this light, feeding upon my naked body
How glorious I’ve become, behold take notice
This wonderful life; this journey of endless beauty
Good morning sun, burn away this starvation
Without fear of becoming dust, do not let drown
So these wonderful desires beheld in my aching mind
So until this day ends sometime, I assume
I remain faithful, hopeful, in this evolving light
Shall no doubt awaken my spiritual yearning.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

From Morning

From morning until twilight goes, always spirits roam
As freethinkers so ever born from once living souls
Thrive within the twilight, I escape the madness
Drifting into the starlight I arise never alone,
Given the moment I’m at peace the light is warm
Seeking new insights I find my peace within
Forever from morning until twilight as I go.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Firelight, dance onward like no other night
Flames of grace shall collide in these moments
Within the fire such embers deep within my soul
I am kept with the living, never aging light that’s sound
Steadfast I slumber upon the moon in space,
Caught making love in the firelight, my compassion
Always shall collide, my dear, behold, I am naked.
Thresholds, our bodies draw us near the firelight
Until we slumber deep in shallow shadows of desire
Forever our sudden impact shall be seen for eternity.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fathomed Fountain

Deep into the fathomed words of refuge
I shall lavish in the fountain of serenity
Devouring these words; pouring from lips,
From internal, so tranquil these desires
Behold forever within this abyss of my mind.
And always surrounded by this refuge,
Though never able to search out,
Do doubt my sanctuary—soothes my mind
Until I’m bathing within a chaos of compassion
Without escape, an epic light ravishes
Bewildering these words become displaced
Upon these higher moments of nourishment
This fountain of replenishing refuge
Shall always be an internal healer.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Admire Me

Admire me in this state of age as I travel forth
My worth not of gold or silver, but of faith
May the sun claim my ambitions this day forth
So I thirst an appetite without sorrow, I assume
Rays of light nourish my soul as I may be claimed
May be an old soul beneath this temple of flesh,
Breathing in this young and old world before me
Reflections show, trapped in the mirrors
As tame as fire flickering in my imagination
Perhaps by mere possibilities of my being
These steadfast desires so responding to my future
Looming words correspond as concerns arise
My affections, resounding company in good standing
As I inhabit these words established upon me
So going forth, I question my state of mind.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elemental Fires

Elemental fires burn, scorching, healing our souls
Bright fostering heat, emotional warmth arises
Without notice therein we find grace within us
Pure forces reside in these peaceful fires,
Consumed with an addiction, of so, call this life
Caught in endless cycles, craving once more this life
An abundance of wealth found deep inside all of us
Only felt with true love and elemental forces residing
So going forth bursting fires, capturing ravishing,
Protesting, in taking these great burdens upon us
Until resting in these great pleasures.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dance my Love

Dance swiftly, my spirit, my love whom I admire so dearly
Indeed as I take you into the light along these avenues of night
Forever I behold my heart is true and within the moment,
We shall dance into a lustful fulfillment and become content
For, my spirited beauty, take notice and dance for all eternity
Embracing these vibrant hours of soothing rhythms by my side
Until we languish, uplifting our dancing hearts for all eternity.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Capture the forces surrounding our lives
Within this enigma of life I am surrounded
As we cast off into these sublime forces
We shall never grow old nor fade away
Upon the cusp of excitement I do go on
As poetic voices whisper within my mind
Regards about desires held within our hearts,
Always keeping the greater good of our times.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

When We Collide

When we collide higher against this threshold
Never apart—sometimes alone, always in love.
These emotions; make this hour go away,
Would like to sleep deep in outer space
Much like this cold evening, I do say,
So we become just as alone this night
Never speaking just making connections
Until we shatter into nothing upon this night.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Behold the Ink

Behold the mighty ink, transferring upon this page
Echoing through a deafening silence so I take hold
Within the chamber as I remain without digression.
The words become mere ink blots, untouchable
Draining now upon my soul, torn from my body
New ideas hypnotize, flourishing fires, thrive taking hold of me
While the energies of ink combine an internal solution
So I look into our graceful sun, never stoned—perhaps,
Late into an evening of endless thoughts, I remark
Forever without haste I shall not neglect this work
Drowning me within these new pages, I finally digress
Behold I’ll find myself within the ink blots, transforming
Until vanquished by silence of sleep.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Afflicting Firelight

Firelight afflicts the secrecy of our souls
Warmth that scatters the coldness far beyond,
So no darkness will protest, but become, dormant
As internal fires so the carnage of emotions arises
Though only emotions of compassion and love
Always casting our minds into endless thoughts
Provoking reunions that mimic friendships and more
Otherwise firelight casts spells upon our souls
Until we scatter ourselves deep within this firelight.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life Resonates

Life resonates into a narrative throughout my mind
Deafening emotions scatter like skipping stones,
I walk downcast as sorrow falls upon me alone
Though, in truth, I look no further than I can witness
Seeking only in this life a sublime beauty, of course
Though so often withholding, I weep in my own manner
Vanquished into another hour of this narrative
So I elude as everlasting words consume.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Symphony

The symphony overshadowed beyond the calming sounds;
Orchestrates in a suspending array of endless movement
While ravishing music amplifies the entwined bodies of lust
So do we crave this startling exposure; an exhibition truly,
Our hearts a sustainable fashion of our movement
As elements exploring our own souls in these sounds
Our own symphony migrating through an ocean of passion
I’ll elevate you higher as your body craves even more
Until do we part, withdrawing into slumber so we dream.