Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Assimilating your Heart

Maybe through some ideal —framed within
Can’t feel the love flowing outwards,
The sensational words assimilating your heart
From enthralling lust, so evoking upon your skin
As the vertigo of emotions hitherto shall go
Feel beneath—upon my breast heavy with elation
As if I’m surrounded by a sustaining beauty
So mesmerized—hypnotized in an endless eternity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't Worry

Can’t worry about this state of destruction now arising
Cast away from amassing hypocrisy and away from destitutions
So ever entwined, neglected state of mind becomes fragile,
Despised from misleading words rather be loved and admired
While left wondering, the iron words upon the heart.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Friend

My friend—do not fade away in this dying light; progressing forward
Thus so my faint heart might shatter into a thousand eons of rebirth
As thoughts do crave an audience; profound meanings arise within
Illuminating— never lacking these emotions that enlighten
Fading within, into a dark yonder of pure escape,
While examining the final moments as I stand against the view
Alluring on the interventions our lives; collide for eons.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emerald Light

Emerald light immersing a once emensible darkness
Sustaining the vastness of an epic expansion
As the chamber within my mind revolve forwards
Thought proving mechanisms explore the light,
Therein this emerald light of cherished love
Do contains, conveys something of longevity.
As everything caught, this immersing evocation
Unto these entwined hours of solemn escape
As evolving sedation; pleasures my mind
Our entrapment against inviting rays of light
Under some sedation of light candlelight I assume
Consumed with announcing pleasures that elate,
Our hearts bright warm and inviting friendships
For the emerald paradise shall remain for eternity.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Last Goodnight

My last goodnight child of night
Sweet love as we part—so navigate away,
Unto depths of slumbering stars do withstand
Encompassing our hearts entwined again
As into lightning fields—cresting again
Upon another nightly climax herein.
Our sunshine sweeps away empty darkness
Alluring a light of purity against our bodies
Seduced therein no more emotions ravish
As the penetration of warmth—so always awake
How plentiful this present exploration,
Shining spheres of purity, down pouring
As if stars are on fire before us.
Falling upon the hour so blissful and alive,
The entire world that is seen by our naked eyes
Thus becomes a bright beckon; shattering the universe,
Bestowing, lingering emotions of love hitherto grows
Through the unfathomable abyss, unto present moments
Continuing—sacred words upon the native tongue
Only whispered by my sweet love from within
Through an exploration; our continuous journey
We manifest into an endless intercourse of thought,
And embodiment against space and time
Always at rest, feasting on nourishing foods
While lusting under canopies of intoxication.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bottles of Life

The bottles of life yield some liquid
Across the time lines—many vessels
Contain some antidote for life or death
Sometimes I drink for the good of life
While then again I've drank death,
Sometimes I feel no pain though
Other times great pain most aching,
Falling forwards emotions ravished
Into the drowning atmospheres I go
Sometimes I find salvation sometime not.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Through the Afternoon

I wander through the afternoon mostly in search for night
Dispelled, compelled in search of passion alike
Thus bodies of lost ghosts wander along
Nothing of its own becomes a fire, emitting a grand wonder
Without a body—wasted fast asleep in a deep dream.
Behold I turn away into a lonely ghost never tame,
Alive and well yet splintered into depths of outer space
Across the thresholds between afternoon and night,
Until nothing seems the same but a dream of grandeur,
Furthermore, I wander into unending fires of compassion
Until the moon projects a dream long ago
Taking hold of internal rays of grace the rhythms engulf me,
Drowning away sorrows within and outwards
Sedation follows some sort of course untamed.