Thursday, October 29, 2009

Desirable Trance

Desirable trances wash upon me
In this addiction, this so desirable trance
So you pull me into this abyss of torture
Knowing no other reasons I do not resist
So let’s drink starlight, live for an eternity
Through each other in an endless paradise
Within our trance of seduction we make love.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Before Dawn

Before the dawn, a quiet procession of thoughts languish
While interpreted shadows arise, scatter by the sunlight,
An echo crashes into an incoherent, engaging, moment
Perhaps at will, heartfelt in a relevant instance of impalement.
Now never subsiding in due course often surmising I arise
Wishing upon these steadfast moments of comparison
More than anything, it’s a composition of some life
While burning ideas forgotten like so often this death
Heavy like my soul, this celestial unknown lingers
How shall within these moments granted I take part
An offering for departing shadows be well and kept,
I’ll be awaiting the angels that walk beside me in sleep
Drawing into soundless escapes before this dawn.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Notations Collide

The notations collide into another point of view
While storms ravish, so hypnotize our world
I’d feed you grapes derived from our devotion
Into these notations unread I go for now
We languish, captive in our nourishing love
Within natures womb we consume each other
Until famished by energies of lasting lust
Enduring such satisfactions steadfast,
Erupting into a fire of endless passion,
Until we have penetrated the core;
Shall this state of elusive illumination thrive,
Keeping us captive by one another
Never a mystery of mistress of night
Whispering such clarity of wisdom
Further notations burn, watching it scatter
Our vows forever said within.

Monday, October 19, 2009


In this ideal world no vertigo would arise
All these wondrous days be filled with grace
As we pass the time I let myself unwind
Yet a spell of vertigo takes hold me
Until then I go into fleeting moments,
Knowing this my last stand, my friend
I’ll cherish everything surrounding,
Grasping hold of those lost great times.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Continuation of this fantasy I do divulge
Upon these pages before me of true engagement,
These affairs of true intoxication we know of
Allure you my love, back until I’m deep within
This seduction that penetrates your mind
As we express our love through this continuum
Of space and time; of this devotion we never let go
Always drowning in an enigma, steadfast, never elusive
Evolving fantasies do not digress yet continue.
As I take you higher than before into our stratosphere
Our bodies enduring, inducing this incredible affair,
So my words become lost in our engagement
Indeed in our house of energy—of this hour—
Of nature unleashing passions I arise
Watching your starvation from wanting my body
Together sleeping beneath the stars.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This confession

This confession as true natures come to pass,
As through gentle unending compassion thrive
These emotions in due course grow and sustain,
I’ve gone by these places occurring in my heart
Though now empty, barren like the cold moon,
Ever so, the light shines like perpetual stars
Still passing by places we used to remain.
Knowing of this your presence my dear lingers
Even as days, revolutions of night vanish,
Going forth still I feel you in the wake of passion.
Bestowed in my longing heart this silence hurts
In understanding, these yearnings can’t be helped
As haunting natures, these confessions overpower
No, I’m not trembling in weakness
Yet of this true matter can’t be shown or spoken.
Now I must evade this confession, scatter away.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Everything becomes present within the hour
Never lacking, never faltering as I am still here
Right beside human forms of love
Within these aging days I feel at peace
I’d prefer, within any moment I can endure
Through final words letters burn away
Do profess, agreeing upon these terms
As voices beckon, temptations ravage,
Shall I go beyond these walls of desperation?
As I search for absolution in trying times
Noticed these changes appearing,
Beloved loved vanquished from earth
Now alone do justify these emotions
Beside me human forms belong in love
Across the great divide I shall go.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Self Made

Self made nothing or noted of my dreams,
Though in due course it seems I have
I’ll write these things that seem so real
Deep in the core, vital energies arise
Upon scattered dreams that dwell within
I’ve lead a life no other could have.
Before I’m called by lynching shadows
Rescued none other than the dream I’ve lost
Once burned away, carried by the gallows of shame,
Daunting characteristics cause unrest
Am I selfish as a self—made idea?
Forming protesting against the world
For now I subside, looking at the ending.