Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lets Dance

Lets dance to the music,
Of the warm sunshine—
As optics of light subdue us,
Here, so lets dance now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pure Enjoyments

Pure enjoyments
Fostering within,
While cold light-
Trails in-joined here
Through mannerisms.
Most sexual temptations,
Intentions arise
Hench forth bathing-
Thus, in exploration
Of our first encounters-

Monday, December 5, 2011


Will I ever see winter?
As I do today—or night,
When cold frost washes in—
Upon hours of contemplation.
In mere hopeful moments
Thus, revive to warm
My very isolation within,
So to be my entombed heart
Shall be abundant again.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Body

My body like vellum
Ensured by translucent fog,
Enveloped, robust forms
Falling into crimson colors,
Upon illuminations reside
Drowning in lust until expiring.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here the White Noise

Here the white noise—
Stumbles upon me,
Endless cycles—adrift
Prevailing, thrashing me,
Caught—drifting throughout.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Awoke Early Enough

Awoke early enough
Illusions of dreams remain
So we talked about such,
While sun rays splash around.

Outside-she remains in bed
Tea is soothing,
Sun rays splash upon me.

Hereon I go forth
About our day
With you by my side.

Monday, August 29, 2011


In contrasting shadows
Polarizing thoughts,
Progress with tensions
Arising from stories told.

Sought to duly note,
How stories thus relate
From one another-today.

Strife with hardship,
Working as an artist
One might relate,
Failed endeavors
Succumb to defeat.

Everyday must I pray
How I must resuscitate
Such as my drowning mind,
These moments so uncertain
Likewise all alone
Though, sharp shadows stalk
Within corridors-I am here,
Attacked by opposing forces.

Limitations lacerate me
Similar to cutting edges-
Of sharp cringing blades,
While shadows speak
Causing such pain.

Going unnoticed in this corridor
So throbbing pain, torn inside
Burns in my aching heart.

These figures, drowning me
Give birth to doubt,
So like our speaker
Who’s actions taken

Shall this day end in pain-
With or without escape,
We can only push forwards,
Even while stories.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Draw the Sunshine

I draw the sunshine
Which warms my soul
For now night dreams,
Stars slumber high above
Our obligations continue,
Through every sort of thing
How to start this day-
Your love shall all I need.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awake in a Moment

Awake-fully in a moment
Coffee stimulating-drawing
Drawing senses into vertigo.
Morning brighter, darkness receeds
Strolling, my mind brainstorming
Caught in rain, droplets remain
Seeking cover, thunder anounced
Across overcast skies
Surrenders me-withdrawing away.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We expand our imaginations
Explore our lives-every moment,
While carried forth-majestic forces
Thus collide endlessly, so free
Until we expire in our imagination.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning Gales

Morning gales, whirling upon me
In the heart of sought salvation,
Thoughts colliding, morning gales
Nearing thresholds of light
Take me, make me awake so alive
Across time, ebbing in empty flight.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Girl Sleeping

Girl sleeping across the isles
What dreams behold her
What dreams do take her
Thoughts occurring, stirring up
Into her restless—resting mind
Unmoving—motionless against movement.